5 tips to get unstuck

I started my own coaching business this past summer.  When I made the decision to do it in the spring I felt a lot of excitement around building a business and life around my personal values.  I wanted a business that gave me time and energy for my family, created deep connection, gave me freedom over my schedule, let me create and grow and facilitated positive change in others.   I started daydreaming and planning these incredible retreats in the mountains (specifically in Park City, Utah).  I was ready to start fostering more connection with people while helping them to identify and live their values so that they can also live more fulfilling lives. 

Then the other side of my brain kicked in and said ‘what you can’t do any of this until you have a business name, a marketing  and business plan, professional systems in place etc.’  All creativity came to a screeching halt and I got stuck.  I lost the enthusiasm, my inner critic got loud and I procrastinated on doing the things that I thought I needed to move forward.  Thankfully I didn’t need a name or to have all of these other things in place to start doing the work I love but that’s for another blog post.  

Flash forward a couple of months to summer when on a mountain bike ride it came to me out of the blue (ha)!  The question I hadn’t asked myself was -Where is the one place where I can let my imagination wander and explore the possibilities, I feel inspired, I have clarity and I feel connected’?  The answer for me is -  outside, on my bike and under Blue Skies.  Blue Skies Coaching was born.  This is the name that describes who I am and the impact I want to have on the people I come in contact with.  Interestingly as I moved forward with the business building I realized that I’ve known it all along.  A few clues I missed - I’ve had Willie Nelson’s song Blue Skies on every running playlist I’ve had, I painted my daughter’s room with Blue Skies and clouds about 9 years ago and thinking back some of my happiest memories have been under big beautiful blue skies.    

Lately, I’ve let myself fall back into that stuck place of stressing about the business building of a second company (Coaching 4 Good).  The story I’ve been stuck in is that there’s so much to do (website copy, marketing, financial stuff etc etc.) before I can get out start and start making an impact.  So today I decided I was just going to ignore the ‘to do’ list and head out on a bike ride.   One hour on my bike re-set my attitude, inspired me, and unleashed creativity (it inspired me to write my first blog post!).  I also got more done when I got back than I had all morning.  From now on it’s a non-negotiable on my to- do list to hit the trails at least twice per week. 

You may be reading this and thinking – ‘That’s really great but I don’t ride a bike’.  If this is the case here are 5 tips for getting ‘unstuck’ –


1.       Start riding a bike.  It’s really fun, has great health benefits and it unleashes your creativity.   Just kidding (kind of) but seriously take a break.  Sometimes you have to walk away from the to-do list and do something you enjoy to re-focus.  Think about what energizes you and give yourself permission to go do it.


2.       Get outside and move.  Hike, run, stroll, amble around your office building if you need to.  Whatever you do just get out in the fresh air, let your imagination wander and your brain release those mood enhancing endorphins that will energize you.


3.       Identify your hunger.  What is it that you want most in your life?  Are the obstacles you’re putting in your way worth not accomplishing your dreams?  Are you stuck (ie. Procrastinating) because there’s fear there?  Explore that fear and move past it.


4.       Laugh.  Take time to talk to someone that knows the real you, makes you laugh and lifts your spirits. 


5.       Reflect.  Think about a time when you didn’t feel stuck.  What was the situation?  What was present that’s not here now?  How were you being – optimistic, hopeful, grounded, energized?  Try on a new perspective and explore the possibilities.  For example, if you won’t take action because you’re afraid of failing.  Ask yourself, ‘What if failing is part of a game that’s all about the learning’?  The more you fail the more you learn.


6.       Get Creative.  Write, paint, sing.  Creativity enables us to use other parts of our brain and get out of the repetitive thought pattern that we’re stuck in.


7.       Visualize the outcome.  If you’re stuck on something that you know is a one-time hurdle imagine what it’s going to feel like to have it completed and off your plate.    


8.       Let go of being perfect.  A lot of times we procrastinate because we think it needs to be perfect or not at all.  Remind yourself that you’re human and just do the best job you can do and move on.


9.       Brain dump on paper.  Write down all of the things you need to do.  Prioritize based on what needs to be done first, then create a schedule that gets 2-3 important things done and then build in a break to re-energize.  Repeat.


10.   Collaborate.  Call a colleague, friend, family member, coach or whoever to help identify why you’re stuck and brainstorm ideas on what will move your forward.  Most of the time having an outside perspective helps you see the bigger picture.


What works for you when you’re feeling stuck?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!