Frequently asked questions -

Where is Moab?  Moab is a city in Grand County, in eastern Utah, in the western United States.  Between the red rock wonders of Arches National Park, the incredible sandstone landscapes of Canyonlands National Park, and the Breathtaking Forest of the La Sal Mountains, Moab offers endless opportunity for sight-seeing and exploration.

 How do I get there?

-         You can drive

-         Direct flights to the Moab Canyonlands Field Airport are sometimes available.  To find a flight to Moab simply search for airport code ‘CNY’ from most major online travel engines or airlines

-         Other options

·        Fly to Salt Lake City (SLC) & Rent a car or take a shuttle (4 hour drive)

·        Fly to Denver (DEN) & rent a car (5 hour drive)

·        Fly to Grand Junction (GJT) & Rent a car or shuttle (1.5 hour drive)

 What kind of activities will there be? 

The schedule will allow for a nice balance of free time, group time and option adventure activities.

Adventure activities are optional but participants will choose whether to go hiking, biking, a jeep tour and possibly a water excursion. 

We will have discussions and do some activities around that will help you identify your core values/ desired feelings and create goals to keep you aligned with these.  The retreat curriculum is inspired by and centered around the book – The Desire Map by Danielle Laporte

 Will I have to participate in group discussions?  No one will be forced to participate in any way that they don’t wish, but you will get the most out of the retreat if you come with an open heart and mind and are willing to interact with the group.

What if I’m not super adventurous?  You will not be forced to participate in any activities that you don’t feel safe doing.  However, you will be highly encouraged to step outside of your comfort zone.  The main street of Moab is a couple of blocks from Moab Flats so if you opt out of an activity you can go explore the town, indulge in a local spa or just relax

What should I bring In May in the desert temps are colder in the morning and evening and warm during the day.  Bring clothes to layer.  There are washers and dryers in each apartment so you can bring less and wash clothes if you choose.  Anything fancier than cargo shorts and t-shirts is WAY too elegant for Moab. Yes, you can go to dinner in them. 

If you plan to mountain bike bring everything you would normally have – camel back, bike tool, extra tubes, first aid, etc.  If you plan to fly and not bring your bike there are plenty of local shops that rent bikes.

Depending on the weather and the group consensus we may do a water activity (ie. Jetboat tour) so bring clothes that you won’t mind getting wet. 

Here are some other basics that you will need -


-         A backpack or camelback that allows both hands to be free for hiking 

-         A water bottle if you don’t have a camel back

-         Hiking shoes or boots with a good tread: the stickier the sole, the better.

-         Socks: a synthetic mix is best to avoid blisters

-         Water shoes or water resistant sandels

-         Hat

-         Sunglasses

-         A camera

-         A bathing suit – there’s a hot tub!

-         Water-resistant jacket

-         Fleece vest or pullover

-         T-shirts both long and short-sleeved: quick-drying blends are best

-         Jeans or long pants

-         Any medications you must take on a daily basis (insulin, etc)

-         Medication for anaphylactic reaction if allergic to bee stings 

What is the cancellation policy?  It's all laid out here.  


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